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Have you ever collaborated with a team on a Google Doc and wondered exactly what changes were made since you saw it last? This article will show you how to see the most recent changes made to your document.

What Are Google Docs Recent Changes All About?

Google keeps track of every change ever made in the revision history. If there have been changes since the last time you viewed the document, a blue “See new changes” button will be displayed.

Google Docs Recent Revisions - 01

Click on this button and you will be taken to the revision history screen. In this section, any new additions will be highlighted.

Google Docs Recent Revisions - 02

Any deleted items will have a strike-through.

Google Docs Recent Revisions - 03

To return to your document, you just need to click on the back arrow at the top.

Google Docs Recent Revisions - 04

And that’s how you can see the most recent revisions made to your Google Doc.

Watch the Video

Watch the video on viewing recent Google Docs changes to see it in action.

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