Google Sheets Tips - Header - Remove Duplicates with UNIQUE

Google Sheets – Remove Duplicate Items

Have you ever had a list where you needed to remove duplicates to only see one occurrence of each item? This article will show to remove duplicate items using the UNIQUE function. Remove Duplicate Items With UNIQUE This example displays a list of items with some […]

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Google Gmail Tips - Header - Enable Preview Pane

Enable the Gmail Preview Pane

I find that it’s really nice to see what’s in a message without opening it separately. Fortunately, Gmail has a built-in way to do this. It’s the Gmail Preview Pane, and all you need to do is turn it on. How to Enable the Gmail […]

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Google Gmail Tips - Header - Open Messages In Floating Window

Gmail Messages In Floating Windows

Would you like to compose your gmail messages in a floating window instead of having it stuck down in the corner? This article will show you how you can open and compose Gmail messages In floating windows. Compose Gmail Messages In Floating Windows I’ve never […]

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Google Sheets Tips - Header - Format Proper Sentences

Formatting Sentences With Sheets Functions

The PROPER function works great for names since it capitalizes the first letter of every word, but it doesn’t work for formatting sentences. What if you only want to capitalize the first letter of sentences? Formatting sentences can be done with a combination of functions. […]

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Google Sheets Tips - Header - Conditional Formatting Based on Date

Conditional Date Formatting in Sheets

I’ve had this question come up a lot over time. How do I make a cell change to red or green based on the date? Fortunately, conditional date formatting is pretty easy with Google Sheets. The example below shows a list of days, and tasks for […]

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Google Sheets Tips - Header - Custom Date Format

Google Sheets Custom Date Format

Dates can be displayed in many formats in your spreadsheet. This article will show you how to set up a custom date format to your liking. Adding Dates to a Spreadsheet When you first enter a date into your spreadsheet, Google Sheets will usually recognize […]

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Google Sheets Tips - Header - Insert Images Into Spreadsheet

Insert Images Into a Sheets Spreadsheet

There is more than one way to insert images into a spreadsheet.  This article shows you how to insert images, and how to use the IMAGE function to embed your image directly into a cell. One Method For Inserting Images The first method is to use […]

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Google Sheets Tips - Header - Create Drop Down List Menu

Creating a Dropdown List In Google Sheets

Why Create a Dropdown List? You can use dropdown menus to make sure people are only able to enter certain values into a cell, or you can use them to make your life easier when you’re using a cell to regularly check data in your […]

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Office Hacks Binder Clips Header

5 DIY Office Hacks Using Binder Clips

If you have limited desk space in your office, finding a place for all of your supplies can be challenging. We all find ourselves in disarray at times with supplies all over the place. This article is coming to the rescue with some DIY office hacks […]

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Fix Missing YouTube Thumbnail - Header Image

Fix Missing YouTube Thumbnail on Facebook Post

Have you ever set up a video post on Facebook and had it populate with generic information and no thumbnail image? This article will show you one way to fix the missing YouTube thumbnail and information on Facebook. Getting the Missing YouTube Thumbnail to Show Up […]

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