Office Hacks Binder Clips Header

5 DIY Office Hacks Using Binder Clips

If you have limited desk space in your office, finding a place for all of your supplies can be challenging. We all find ourselves in disarray at times with supplies all over the place. This article is coming to the rescue with some DIY office hacks […]

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Fix Missing YouTube Thumbnail - Header Image

Fix Missing YouTube Thumbnail on Facebook Post

Have you ever set up a video post on Facebook and had it populate with generic information and no thumbnail image? This article will show you one way to fix the missing YouTube thumbnail and information on Facebook. Getting the Missing YouTube Thumbnail to Show Up […]

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Linked In Create Company Profile - Header Image

Creating a LinkedIn Company Profile Page

This article covers how you can set up a LinkedIn company profile page for your business. A lot of you may already know that I am an owner and founder of Cloud 9 Expressions. I recently realized that we didn’t have our company page set […]

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Google Link Shortener - Header Image

Using the Link Shortening Tool

Did you know that Google has a link shortening tool available for free? It comes with some great analytical tools as well, making it a super useful asset. What is A lot of you are probably familiar with or TinyURL, but may not […]

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Google Forms Tips - Header - Using Audio Files

Using Audio Files In Google Forms

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use audio files in Google Forms? In this article we’re going to see how that can be done. Getting an Audio File Into Your Form The first step is to upload an audio file into Google Drive. […]

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Google Slides Tips - Header - Laser Pointer

Using the Google Slides Laser Pointer

Is it difficult to keep your audiences attention on specific parts of your presentation? In this article we’ll take a quick look at the laser pointer feature in Google Slides. What is the Laser Pointer Tool? This is a handy tool for presentations with a lot […]

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Google Slides Tips - Header - Import Theme

Import Themes Into Google Slides

Have you ever wondered how to keep a consistent style for all of your slides, or use the style of another presentation that you’ve seen? In this article we’ll see how we import theme styles from one theme to another. How to Import a Theme Into […]

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Google Forms Tips - Header - Digital Sign In Sheet

Digital Sign-In Sheets With Google Forms

Did you know that there’s a better way to do sign-in sheets for your events? You can use digital sign-in sheets created with Google Forms for your guests. This will allow you to track attendance at events and collect guest information. How to Create a […]

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Google Sheets Tips - Header - Import Stocks and Financial Data

Import Stock Information Into Google Sheets

Did you know that Google Sheets has a way to import stock information directly into your spreadsheet? With this tool, you can monitor stock prices or earnings per share in your own customized dashboard! How Do You Import Financial Data? Google Sheets gives us a […]

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