5 DIY Office Hacks Using Binder Clips

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If you have limited desk space in your office, finding a place for all of your supplies can be challenging. We all find ourselves in disarray at times with supplies all over the place. This article is coming to the rescue with some DIY office hacks using a common office supply to help you organize.

#1 Holder for Headphones

Use a rubber band to hold the clip ends together and a push pin to stick it on the wall. Now you have a handy holder for your headphones.

DIY Office Hacks - Headphone Holder

#2 Cord Wrap

Just clip on the edge of your desk and wrap your cords. Easy solution for getting those cords off of your desk, or the ground.

DIY Office Hacks - Cord Wrap

#3 Cable Manager

We’ve all got charging cords and cords to connect devices together. Use the binder clips to keep your cords organized so you’re not fishing through a tangled mess to find the one you need.

DIY Office Hacks - Cable Manager

#4 Supply Holder

Keep the supplies you use the most close at hand with this nifty technique.

DIY Office Hacks - Supply Holder

#5 Phone Stand

This one is a bit tricky, but it works pretty well. Put one clip inside of another, facing the same direction. Leave the back clip’s handles in their normal position. Lay the front clip’s bottom handle flat and stand the top handle up. Add a rubber band around the bottom handle of the front clip to keep your phone from sliding off. Now you have a phone holder on your desk!

DIY Office Hacks - Phone Holder

Bonus – #1 and #2 work well together

Hang your headphones close to another clip and wrap the cord around it when they are unplugged.

DIY Office Hacks - Headphones Cord Wrap

I hope you found this article to be helpful in getting your office life more organized. Comment and let me know what you think.

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