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When you’re on vacation, out of the office for any reason where you won’t be answering emails, it’s always a good idea to set up an auto reply so that people know you’re gone and when to expect you back. This way you (hopefully) won’t be bombarded by emails that you will have to sift through on your first day back in the office.

How to Set Up Auto Reply in Gmail

Setting up an auto reply is a very easy thing to do in Gmail. Start by clicking on the “Settings” icon, then select “Settings”

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Scroll to the bottom of the settings until you see the “Vacation Responder” section and turn it on.

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Set your start and end dates and what the subject of the message will be. In this space, I find that it’s usually helpful to add your return date in the subject line. Something like “Out-of-Office – Returning on 10/21” will be immediately informative and set expectations for people without even opening the message.

Add a message then save your changes. The message often provides contact information for other people in the office in case immediate response is needed. It can also let people know if you are out of service area and can’t read email, or when you might get back to them.

Using an auto reply or vacation responder often can be very helpful for anyone trying to get ahold of you while you’re gone.

Watch the Video

Watch the video for setting up a Gmail auto reply to see it in action.

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