Transpose Data From Columns to Rows

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Sometimes we end up with data in a column then later realize that it needs to be in a row, or vice versa. This is called transposing. Fortunately, Google Sheets makes it very easy to quickly transpose your data.

How to Transpose Data

This example shows weekdays listed down one column, and names of people who are working on those days in the next two columns.

Google Sheets - Transpose 01 Example

To change the weekdays from vertical to horizontal, select a blank cell and type in =TRANSPOSE.

Google Sheets - Transpose 02 Function

There is only one value for this function, which is the range of cells you want to transpose. Select the range and close the function. The data will instantly be listed across the row starting from the cell containing the function.

Google Sheets - Transpose 03 Completed Function

This can be done with as many cells as needed. You can simply select a bigger range that contains cells from additional columns.

Google Sheets - Transpose 04 Bigger Range

This method works both ways for your data. If you use the function in another blank cell and select a row of data, it will be reversed, displaying the data down a column.

Another Way to Transpose

There is one more way to transpose, which is by using “Paste Special” Select a range of cells and copy it.

Then click on an empty cell, go to the Edit menu and select Paste Special > Paste Transposed

Google Sheets - Transpose 05 Paste Transposed

It will transpose all of the data with formatting applied.

Google Sheets - Transpose 06 Paste Transposed

And that’s it! It’s pretty easy to rearrange your data using Transpose in Google Sheets.

Watch the Video

Watch the transpose video to see it in action.

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